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We pledge to work towards a better future for communities through interventions in education, health care and environment conservation.

Clarion has been a socially conscious organisation right from inception. This belief that each of us is responsible for making the world a better place finds expression through our initiatives in Education, Healthcare and Environment Conservation.


Student home

Clarion believes that to make good citizens we should catch them young. The company, in partnership with AIM for Seva, has constructed a free student home for school children in a small village in Andhra Pradesh. Clarion provides annual maintenance too.

Education of underprivileged girls

5A. Matraanchal Haridwar New Building - Children assembled for evening prayers

In partnership with Matraanchal Kanya Vidyapeeth in Haridwar, Clarion supports the education and rehabilitation of underprivileged girls


Clarion contributed to Kalvi Thunai, Coimbatore to help it renovate and add facilities to help more deserving students avail of the guidance. Kalvi Thunai, helps underprivileged school children complete their homework and revise the day’s lessons. The thinking behind this is that if they complete their homework, they will be willing to go to school confidently. The renovated Kalvi Thunai has the required infrastructure to coach 150 students in the evening “School after School”.

Environment conservation - Action and awareness

Renewable energy

60% of the power utilised by the Group is generated by renewable energy. Clarion’s windmill installations in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat, generate wind power to the tune of 9.80 MW to make this possible. Solar installations at Mumbai generate about 200 KW. Doing our bit to help our future generations enjoy a quality life. 

EFI Environment awareness workshops

Clarion conducts awareness workshops on environment conservation in association with E.F.I, an organisation that’s doing pioneering work in regenerating water bodies across India. 

A 30 minutes session on understanding water sources around Chennai conducted by E.F.I Founder, Arun Krishnamoorthy at Irungatukkottai unit.

EFI Plantation Activity

Plantation and maintenance activity was conducted for Clarion at Tirumangai Alwar Pond, Sriperumbudur on 28th September 2019. 30+ volunteers from Clarion participated in planting over 75 palm seeds. They were given a small orientation followed by instructions on how to carry out the activity and also the larger benefits and reasons for doing that activity. 


We contribute towards medical care for Anandam, an old age home in Chennai.

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